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Welcome to the Employability Skills Assessment Tool, ESAT. ESAT is a dialogical, formative tool designed to help you assess and develop the employability skills (also called 'soft' skills, social and emotional skills, or personal management skills) of participants enrolled in other literacy, essential skills, or technical skills training programs. It provides a quantitative and qualitative way of assessing social and emotional skills like motivation, attitude, accountability, time management, stress management, presentation, teamwork, adaptability, or confidence, based on both staff assessments of the participant and the participant’s own self-assessment. In addition, the ESAT provides a case management tool to encourage staff to share observations on participants so that feedback provided is consistent, as well as respectful, honest, and timely.


All ESAT data is held securely on a secure web server located in Canada and is not accessible to any organization other than the owner of the data. ESAT technical support and administrators all sign confidentiality agreements guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data.


The ESAT is accessible by contacting Futureworx using the Contact Us link in the menu. Please contact us for details about the system, as well as how it can be uniquely configured to meet an individual organization's needs. More information about ESAT is available at www.futureworx.ca.


Notes to users: Recent difficulties editing new learner teams have now been resolved.