ESAT license costs depend on your organization's status as a non-profit, and the number of active learners you will have on the site (see table below). There is no cost per assessment. In the first year of use there is a one-time setup & support charge of $200 CAD to cover the provision of advice on setting up ESAT at your site and for online orientation of your team.



# of Active Learners

up to 250251-500500-750751-10001001-15001501-20002001-5000Over 5000
NON-PROFIT$ 500/YR$ 750/YR$ 1125/YR$ 1500/YR$ 2250/YR$ 3000/YR$ 6250/YRNEGOTIABLE
FOR-PROFIT$ 1000/YR$ 1500/YR$ 2250/YR$ 3000/YR$ 4500/YR$ 6000/YR$ 12500/YRNEGOTIABLE




There are a number of ways to train your team on the correct use of ESAT:


  • A two-day training to be certified as an ESAT assessor is available, either in-line or in-person for groups of 8-20. The cost per seat is $1000 CAD and includes one site license per organization.
  • Free access to ESAT license holders to the Futureworx Learning Management System ESAT courses. These 7 modules provide a full review of ESAT practices. Once initiated, users have thirty days to complete the program.
  • Online orientation to ESAT as part of their initial support and extensive support during your use of the tool.




ESAT license holders can access curriculum resources on the Futureworx Learning Management System including Self Directed Learning Packs on the ESAT skills, skill resources, and details on our Employability Skills Development System. Other resources linked to ESAT include ABC Life Literacy’s Upskillsforwork