ESAT is an online tool designed to support the development and assessment of social and emotional skills like adaptability, accountability, teamwork etc., as training outcomes.


It allows your team to work with an individual in a more coordinated manner, using common language and employment expectations and providing consistent feedback as part of the learning process.


ESAT assessments are based on these common behavioural expectations and on observations of learner behaviours in your program. The resulting scores, representing how an employer would see the individual, are contrasted with their self-assessment scores to provide insight into perception gaps that can cause employment difficulties.


Used as a mentoring or coaching tool, ESAT will allow you to confirm a participant’s readiness for a work placement, or employment, based on the risk to them and your employer partners.


For more information and user comments watch the video:



Users can view closed captions for the video by selecting  CC in the feedback. 

Use the setting gear wheel  (next to CC)to edit the language:

   a. Click the gear wheel

   b. Select Subtitle English (auto-generated)

   c. Select auto-translate

   d. Select the language required